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orthopedic massage
We offer a gentle & effective approach to chronic pain & sports injury. Using specific assessment, massage & stretching techniques we can address various conditions, such as back pain, sprains, strains, numbness & frozen joints. We will show you how to keep these conditions from recurring too!
321 N. Mall Dr, Bldg X, #101A
St. George,UT 84790
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Massage in St George

Massage is a great way to deal with back pain among other things. We will discuss your needs and make an assessment of type of massage treatment is best for your needs.

Types Of Massage Techniques

For a wonderful relaxing massage, there are 2 main types that you should take advantage of. 

When it comes to great massage St George really provides a great choice.

The main technique that most of us are familiar with is Swedish massage, or full body massage.  You will probably be familiar with the way it works.  The therapist will use a range of different length and strength bodily strokes to achieve the desired outcome for you, often employing natural oils to add to the relaxation and benefits.  If necessary, orientation and movement of the limbs and joints may also be used.

But there are a whole host of other massage techniques on offer, including sports massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu ma

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