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As a massage therapist , personal trainer and fitness & rehab professional, we offer clients a wealth of knowledge and resources to facilitate their journey of wellness. Clients goals for the session are assessed and a plan is incorporated. On site fitness and massage a...

1495 S. Black Ridge Dr. A230
St. George,UT 84770

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We offer a gentle & effective approach to chronic pain & sports injury. Using specific assessment, massage & stretching techniques we can address various conditions, such as back pain, sprains, strains, numbness & frozen joints. We will show you how to keep these conditions from recurring too!

321 N. Mall Dr, Bldg X, #101A
St. George,UT 84790

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St George Massage

Today's life is so much more stressful than ever before. Commuting tension, pressure piling on during the working day and dealing with the trials and challenges of managing a family all add up. Pressure and tension often causes people to become depressed or even sick This is where massage and a massage therapist come into play.  By visiting a massage therapist you can help relieve all of those aches and pains that have built up.

An experienced massage therapist in St George can offer a range of treatment choices. First of all let's have a look at what massage can do for you. Remember massage can help you with a lot more than simple relaxation. It has been proven to assist with many health problems that don't respond to other treatments.

Massage Therapist

The first obvious benefit of visiting a massage therapist is connected directly with tension and stress and that is persistent headaches. Tension headaches and migraines are connected with stress and muscle tension. By engaging in a course of Swedish or full body massage you could feel all that stress melt away along with your headaches.

Secondly sleep disorders affect thousands of Americans every night.  By speaking to a massage therapist in St George Utah you can discuss their ability to work on the pressures and tensions that are often the root cause of sleep problems. Just having a good nights sleep will make you feel more healthy.

Third of course is the area that massage is best known for helping, back and other muscular pain. Back pain is something that seeps into every part of a sufferers life. A course of massage from a qualified and experienced massage therapist can ease a lot of the pain , often permanently. 

Massage therapists go through many years of training and their techniques offer a real solution to many painful problems, Call your local massage therapist today.
Southern Utah's most therapeutic massage. Offering sports, injury, pain relief, couples, reflexology, custom swedish.

376 sunland #7B (rear)
St. George,UT 84790

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