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With over 25 years experience Hafen Insurance of St George can help you with your personal and business insurance needs.

Whether you need car insurance,health insurance,life insurance or home insurance we are here to help.
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A multiline agency representing State Farm Insurance, the nation's leading auto and home insurer. Offering auto insurance, car insurance,home insurance, business insurance, life insurance, health insurance including Medicare Supplement and Long Term Care. Also providing financial services

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Life Insurance Agent St George

You could be forgiven if you have a rather jaded and cynical view of insurance agents such as the life insurance agent. The stereotype of the slightly suspicious character in the ill fitting suit prepared to rob his own granny is very common. But in reality it is a lot more boring then that thankfully. If you take the average St George life insurance agent, they are professional and in most cases very amenable and helpful. This is a big plus as it is a complicated and emotional area to have to deal with.

Part of the problem for many of us is that many of us know very little about the ins and out and all the options of life insurance. Therefore as all human beings, we remain suspicious of that which we don't fully understand. The knowledge of the life insurance agent puts him in a very strong position and we always seem to fear that we are being scammed. But you can quite easily learn the basics of life insurance types, such as universal and term life insurance on the internet these days. What is more difficult is knowing the right questions to ask. Hopefully this little article might help you.

So when you visit or are visited by a St George life insurance agent you should know a little about the company such as its origins, how long it has been trading for and its ratings. If there are any blanks ask the agent to fill them in for you. If he can't, show him the door fast. Next you are going to want to know how much life insurance you think is need. Now if the answer is a bit of a spit in the wind ask for a full analysis. Any agent who works for one of the decent life insurance companies in St George will happily spend the time to explain fully his reasoning to you.

If you are offered a policy option then there are other questions you need to consider getting answers to. This might include things like what would happen if your health changed for the worst, or you became disabled. Also it is vital to know if the benefit accrued will be affected by inflation or not. Is it linked or flat for that purpose? Inflation will erode any benefit if it is not accrued upwards over time.

All in all these are just a sample of the simple questions you can ask when looking at life insurance quotes and life insurance rates. Policies go far beyond just the monetary investment and a good agent will be able to take the time to go through all the ins and out and options with you. In fact it is in his interest to offer you the best service he can. After all in life we are always looking at our insurance options, such as house insurance, car insurance, as well as considering different health care and retirement options for the future and our protection.

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Insurance planning in areas of Life, Disability, Business succession, Estate planning. Retirement planning and investments.

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We are your local, friendly insurance agency here to help you find the perfect plan to fit your needs and your budget.

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