Pool Service

Las Vegas Pool Service

 No matter whether you need a new swimming pool installed or your present pool refurbished there is a pool expert in Las Vegas ready to help.

Swimming Pool Design

Las Vegas is well known to its technical developments and not all of them are to do with the casino trade. With such good weather for most of the year Las Vegas residents probably spend more time around their swimming pools than people in any other state.

Las Vegas swimming pool companies specialize in unique designs; everything from water rides to moats is possible in Las Vegas. If you can dream your pool we can build it for you. By using the latest in materials and equipment we can ensure that your pool will look like a million dollars as well as being safe.

Swimming Pool Repairs

Over time even the best swimming pools can fall into disrepair and that can reduce the value of your home. We can advise you on the most cost efficient way to bring your pool up to the latest safety codes, we can also install the latest swimming pool pumps and safety equipment.

Modernizing your pool pumps may actually save you money long term as they are so much more efficient. If your pool is more than ten years old it is almost certainly in need of some updating and refurbishment.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

You can protect all the money you have invested in having the pool installed by making sure that it is properly maintained. This means not only the weekly cleaning out of debris but the regular cleaning and replacing of filters in your pool pumps.

Cleaning your Swimming Pool

No matter whether you clean your own pool or use a Las Vegas pool cleaning service you must ensure that the pool is kept clean. The longer you leave trash in the pool the more damage it will do, not taking an hour to clean the pool this weekend could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repair bills later.

You can buy your own pool cleaning equipment from many local stores but by the time you buy the various brushes, buckets of powder and other items it can be a costly visit to the store. If your pool is deep then you will need to buy brushes with poles as long as 22 feet, these can take some handling and it is sensible to wear something that doesn’t matter if you get wet. You would not be the first person to fall into a Las Vegas Swimming Pool while cleaning it.

There are automated pool cleaning systems which we can install for you, they will reduce the amount of times your swimming pool in Las Vegas has to be cleaned.


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